Group Personal Training

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We invite you to discover what so many of our clients already know. Group personal training can make achieving your fitness goals more enjoyable and motivating than you ever thought possible. Whether it’s the fun atmosphere, the motivation from the trainer, the camaraderie and energy of the group, or the variety in programming, our clients love our group training sessions. Each workout is based on scientific exercise progression and sound physiological principles. Within weeks, you’ll notice a difference in your strength, your energy, and your overall fitness level.

Group personal training sessions are meant to accommodate two to four clients in a session. Each client will be assessed by the personal trainer. Although each class is geared to accommodate the group as a whole, each client will experience a workout tailored to their own fitness level.

How to Register

Each session is paid in full at the time of the training session. Payment is made session by session. For more information please email or call (714) 990-7110.

Group Personal Training Rates

Number of Group Price per Person/Hour (Resident) Price per Person/Hour (Non-Resident)
Group of 2 $42 $47
Group of 3 $32 $37
Group of 4 $26 $32