Water Rate Information


Brea imports 100% of its water from two major water suppliers, Metropolitan Water District and Cal Domestic. Both suppliers have increased their rates consistently over that past several years. In addition, the city is required to expend capital for essential maintenance and improvements to the Brea water system.

Water Rates (Scroll down for refuse rates.)

The current water rate structure is based upon the following:

  • Monthly service charge, based upon water meter size
  • Monthly usage, rate based upon the amount of water used

Revenues collected from these water rates pay for operations and maintenance of the city’s water system and related assets, including six reservoirs with a combined capacity of 67.5 million gallons. Monthly meter reading dates are scheduled at intervals to allow for weekends and holidays when staff would not be working, but are approximately every 30 days.

For more information and water conservation tips please call 714-990-7687.

On August 21, 2018, Council updated fees based on an increased cost recovery structure and due to increased costs. Water rates remained the same, however, fees for certain water-related services, such as late fees, hang tags, and shut off fees, have changed. View the list of updated fees.

The current water rates went into effect on bills dated January 2023. The following rates are cost per month for fixed connections according to size plus each unit of water used:

Monthly Fixed Charge for Water Service

Meter SizeRate
5/8", 3/4", 1" ***$20.00
1 - 1/2"$74.43

***covers most residential customers

Single Family Residential-Usage Rate for each 100 Cubic Feet

More than 30$6.73


More than 30$6.73

Multi-family rate - $4.08

Greenbelt rate - $4.84

Construction rate - $6.73

Outside Brea rate - $5.32

Non-residential rate - $4.42
Includes: commercial, industrial, all other types

*Lifeline Discount - To assist low-income residents, Brea offers a 20% lifeline discount (consistent with Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas programs) on the fixed ("ready to serve charges") and the 1st tier of the four-tier inclining rate structure, 10% on the 2nd tier, and 5% on the 3rd tier. There is no discount offered at the 4th tier. To qualify, residents must submit a copy of their current Southern California Edison or Southern California Gas bill indicating either “D-care” or “Care" rate.

You can lower your water utility costs by making water conservation a habit. View tips on how you can reduce your water usage.

Monthly refuse rates as of July 1, 2022 are $25.28 for residential and mobile homes. For additional containers, the cost is $12.24 for a black trash container and $5.11 for a brown yard waste container. Commercial rates vary based on bin sizes and pick-up frequency. For more information, call 714-238-3300.