Stormwater Hotline


For all emergencies, dial 911.

Citizen cooperation is vital for an effective stormwater program. Likewise, people on the streets are key to timely enforcement. If you suspect an emergency, always call 911. In a situation where you observe a discharge that you are uncertain about, but should probably be investigated, there are several points for reporting.

Non-Hazardous Issue

If you observe a non-hazardous discharge during normal business hours, please contact the Public Works Department at 714-990-7691 or send an email.

If you observe discharges into the storm drains during non-business hours, please call Brea dispatch at 714-990-7911.


As an alternate, the County of Orange also has a water pollution reporting hotline available 24 hours a day to report illegal dumping, illegal discharges into the storm drains, or pollution spills. Please call 877-89-SPILL to report such issues.