Enforcing Traffic Lawsmotors

The Brea Police Department's Traffic Division is currently comprised of one lieutenant, one sergeant, one corporal, and two motorcycle officers. 

The Traffic Division is dedicated to facilitating the safe and orderly movement of traffic throughout our city. We accomplish these goals by promoting driver safety through traffic education, engineering, enforcement, and investigations. 

Problems are identified through resident complaints, officer observations, traffic engineer observations, or accident histories. Brea Police Department devotes necessary resources to resolve these problems. Voluntary motorist compliance with traffic laws is our primary goal and is encouraged through use of public education, radar trailers, and informative pamphlets distributed by VIPS police volunteers.

Experience demonstrates that traffic law enforcement is a vital part of any effective city traffic safety program. The city has provided traffic officers as a visible deterrent to potential traffic violators and to observe and cite those violating traffic laws and endangering themselves and others.

To do as much as we can to gain voluntary compliance, the department has begun to publish areas of the community warranting special concern. Selective enforcement details, as we call them, are places where officers concentrate enforcement for a brief period of time. In addition, the Brea Police Department conducts specific events to help prevent traffic-related injuries or death such as DUI checkpoints and distracted driving enforcement.

Special Programs

The Traffic Division conducts a variety of driver-safety campaigns throughout the year. These programs further enhance the traffic unit's effectiveness. Many of these programs are funded by grants. 

These programs include:

  • "Click-it or Ticket" to encourage the use of seatbelts
  • "Distracted Driver" enforcement to discourage cell phone use while driving
  • DUI checkpoints to educate the public about the dangers of drinking and driving
  • School safety programs to help educate the school-age children about the dangers vehicles can present
  • DUI saturation, primary collision factor, and pedestrian safety

Questions or Concerns?

Contact the traffic unit at 714-671-4475 or by email. Please note, the Traffic Division does not issue parking permits. For information regarding parking permits, visit the Community Development Street Parking Permits page. 

Brea Road Alerts

Did you know the City of Brea has a city-wide alert system to notify you of road work, closures, and upcoming construction projects? Brea Road Alerts are a great way to learn of on-going projects that may affect your commute in Brea. Sign up here and be prepared for the future. If you need additional help signing up, consider seeing this guide.