As Trust is one of our Core Values, the Brea Police Department is dedicated to transparency in the performance of our duties. We are ever mindful of the authority bestowed upon us by the community we serve, and endeavor to enhance community interaction through communication.

Use of Force Statistics


Number of Incidents: 20

Level of Citizen Injury:

  • Minor/Complaint of Pain: 6
  • Moderate: 2
  • Major: 0
  • Death: 0
  • No Injury: 12

Rate of Force Used: 0.12% 

20 out of 16,538 calls/stops

Number of Incidents: 9

Level of Citizen Injury:

  • Minor/Complaint of Pain: 8
  • Moderate: 
  • Major: 
  • Death:
  • No Injury: 1

Rate of Force Used: 0.032%

9 out of 28,506 calls/stops

Officers Assaulted by Year


22 Officers Assaulted

10 Officers Assaulted

Citizen Complaints


Number of Complaints: 13


  • Exonerated: 3
  • Unfounded: 2
  • Sustained: 1
  • Not Sustained: 1
  • Pending/Open: 6

Rate of Citizen Complaints: 0.08% 

13 out of 16,538 calls/stop

Number of Complaints: 4


  • Exonerated: 3
  • Unfounded: 1
  • Sustained: 
  • Not Sustained: 
  • Pending/Open:

Rate of Citizen Complaints: 0.014%

4 out of 28,506 calls/stop

Definitions:Unfounded, alleged act did not actually occur. Exonerated, act occurred, but was lawful, proper, and/or justified. Sustained, actions or behaviors violated policy and/or law. Not Sustained, insufficient evidence to sustain or exonerate. Pending/Open, complaint is still being investigated. 

Citizen Feedback

We welcome constructive feedback on the performance of our employees. If you have had a positive interaction with a member of our police department, please contact Lieutenant Chris Harvey at 714-990-7744 or email Lieutenant Harvey. If you are interested in filing a complaint regarding the conduct of a police department employee, please use our Citizen Complaint Form (PDF), which can be downloaded or is available at our front counter. Please note that every Citizen Complaint is taken seriously and is investigated as thoroughly as possible.