Information for Artists & Art Consultants

Artist Qualifications

The city often receives inquiries about how artists can participate in Brea’s Art in Public Places Program. Artists are selected by developers; the city does not maintain a list of qualified artists from which developers select. Developers often hire an art consultant to oversee the sculpture component of their project, though some developers work directly with artists. Art consultants often present several artists with the background, experience, and style of work that would be suitable for a developer’s needs for their project. Qualified artists must have sculpture education and training and must have created other works similar in scale and scope to the proposed work.

The amount of experience necessary for approval of the artist’s qualifications will vary based upon the development project and the amount of the commission. For most development projects, mid-career level to established artists will have the training and experience necessary to meet the qualifications for that project. Artist’s past works are verified as part of the approval process, including verifying the artist’s role and the commission/contract amount for past comparable works. For details about artist’s qualifications and verification of past works, please see Brea’s Art in Public Places Policy (APP) Manual.

Sustainable Sculpture

One important criterion for approval of proposed sculpture is the artwork is to be low maintenance and made of durable rust-proof materials suitable for permanent outdoor display. Sculpture that requires frequent upkeep is unlikely to be approved. Sculpture installation plans should also demonstrate that the work is theft and vandal resistant. Artists are required to provide a Comprehensive Maintenance Plan as part of the sculpture application. This plan is to be provided to the property owner for ongoing and long-term maintenance. For full details about durability of materials and the Comprehensive Maintenance Plan, please see Brea’s Art in Public Places Policy (APP) Manual.

Art Consultants

Developers have the option of selecting a qualified art consultant to oversee the sculpture component of their project. Qualified art consultants must have paid experience in the field and must have consulted for public sculpture projects of similar scale and scope. Qualified art consultant’s fees are an allowable expense from the minimum required allocation for the project and may not exceed 20% of the budget. Developers have the option of negotiating an hourly rate with art consultants. For a complete description of the minimum requirements for art consultants, please see Brea’s Art in Public Places Policy (APP) Manual.