Special Trash and Hazardous Waste

Drop off your hazardous and e-waste items at the County’s Hazardous Waste Collection Centers.

Disposing of Bulky Items or Hazardous Items

Consumers are responsible for the proper disposal of items that are no longer useful. Please read the updated instructions below and do your part to ensure refuse materials are handled correctly.

  • Furniture, water heaters, stoves, dishwashers and other bulky items too large to fit in your regular household trash container - Call Republic Services to schedule a free bulky item collection. Homeowners may request this service up to three times per calendar year without an additional charge on the trash bill. To make arrangements, call (714) 238-2444.
  • Refrigerators or air conditioners - If purchase of a new unit does not include haul-away of the old one, then you must call Republic Services to schedule a pick-up and removal. See attached rate sheet for bulky item pickup cost.
  • Large home construction and remodeling debris - Request your contractor include hauling service in the bid or you must call Republic Services to rent a three-yard bin or a roll-off container for debris that is beyond the capacity of a regular household trash container, such as landscape and demolition debris.
  • Televisions or computer monitors (CRTs) - Take electronic waste to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center. This service is free to Orange County residents.
  • Paints, used motor oil, herbicides and most cleaning products are considered hazardous waste and must be dropped off at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center. This service is free to Orange County residents.
  • Mattresses - Disposal of mattresses into the landfill is a waste of space and there are many environmentally friendly ways to get rid of an old mattress. OC residents and businesses may take unwanted mattresses and box springs (including futon mattresses, no frames) to the Olinda Alpha or Prima Deschecha landfills for FREE as long as the mattresses are separated from waste.  For details and other options please visit OC Mattress Recycling Program.  Other alternatives are also available.


Disposal of Bulky Items or Hazardous Waste

Republic Services/ Brea Disposal Customer Service 
1131 N. Blue Gum
Anaheim, CA
Ph: (714) 238-2444
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center
1071 N. Blue Gum Street
Anaheim, CA
Ph: (714) 834-4000
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Between the 91 and 57 freeways, corner of La Palma and Blue Gum

For hours, items accepted, transportation, and handling rules please call (714) 834-4000 or get fact sheets. Visit the Orange County Household Hazardous Waste website for additional information.

It is illegal to dump your trash of any kind into commercial bins at retail, office, or industrial areas. This is a misdemeanor violation and fines can range to $15,000 and punishment of up to six months in jail. Plan for proper and responsible disposal of any items you have purchased when they have reached the end of their usefulness.

Electronic Waste 

By law, many materials must now be handled separately. To avoid violations consumers and businesses must hold aside batteries and various electronic waste for periodic disposal at an appropriate recycling center.

The following items can not be thrown into residential or commercial trash bins or carts. Always set these items aside as you would dangerous chemical wastes. Improper disposal can pose serious hazards.

  • Batteries (Carbon-zinc and alkaline (AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt), rechargeable (nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, and small sealed lead used in security system alarms, computers and toy vehicles))
  • Mercuric oxide and silver oxide (Button-type batteries used in watches, calculators, and hearing aids)
  • Mercury thermometers
  • Fluorescent lamps (Tubes and compact types)
  • Novelty items that contain batteries (Singing greeting cards, flashing athletic shoes, jewelry)
  • Cell and cordless phones

All of these items should be taken to the local County of Orange Household Hazardous Waste facility located at 1071 N. Blue Gum Street in Anaheim, CA. The County of Orange has expanded operating hours to accommodate these new items. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For questions, call (714) 834-6752.

Schedule a Removal

Electronic Waste 

Brea residents can  schedule the removal of certain household electronic items. Brea residents can schedule an e-waste pickup by calling Republic Services at (714) 238-2444.

Pharmaceutical Disposal

Increasing Pollutants

An area of growing concern for environmental safety is the discovery of increased quantities of pollutants from pharmaceutical products in water sources. Improper disposal of these drugs and other personal care products endanger the environment just as do pesticides, automotive fluids and other chemicals. These can not be disposed of by flushing down drains or toilets. Follow the simple rule of no drugs down the drain.

Consumer cosmetic products and prescription drugs contain many powerful ingredients that have been found to migrate into water streams. Citizens must become partners in proper disposal of such items just as they must be responsible to channel their other hazardous materials and electronic waste for safe handling. Emerging pollutants include personal products that contain antibiotics, steroids, hormones, and miscellaneous chemicals such as caffeine, cholesterol, or even pesticides. These are entering your local waterways not only from commercial and industrial sources, but also from private residences.


In general, prescription medications should always be completely consumed as directed. When medications are left over for whatever reason, or expired, these should be packaged for disposal so that children or pets can not gain access and then thrown away in the trash. Take the unwanted medications out of their original container and place into a zip lock bag. Then pour hot water over it to dissolve followed by an absorbent non-toxic substance such as coffee grounds or kitty litter. Then seal and place into the trash.

Another solution is to gather old medications along with any other hazardous materials from your home, garage or garden and periodically take them to the nearby Household Hazardous Waste Center.