Balanced Budget Accomplishments

Active, innovative projects and consistently balanced budgets are evidence of a vital city that continues to progress even during an economic downturn. We are certainly proud of what we have accomplished in the past year despite continued recessionary times.

At the City of Brea we strive to deliver excellence to the community every day, to solve problems, envision the future and originate projects that support the community’s needs. Due to the economy, we have less city staff and are a smaller organization, yet we have learned to do work differently in order to continue to meet our community’s expectations. We are proud to say we are in good shape, while other cities are just now playing catch-up, dealing with the impacts of spending down their reserves, and relying on other temporary budget cutting measures. Here at the City of Brea we solved multiple-years of multi-million dollar deficits and we did it while maintaining core city services.

Here is the most recent list of accomplishments.