Employee Salary Information

Brea City Council Salaries & Benefits

The stipend for City Council Members is set by ordinance, using the standards established by the government code for general law cities. City Council Members have declined to increase the stipend, and currently receive base stipend of $680.69 per month. Beginning in November 2012, newly elected Council Members are not eligible for medical or other insurance benefits.

City Employee Information

The 2017-18 budgeted wages and benefits for all city executives and managers and city employee positions are available. Information is presented by job classification, and includes base “salary” as well as benefit costs for the fiscal year. Benefit costs include contributions for medical, dental, and other insurances, retirement, and benefits or allowances that may be applicable to the individual job classification.

Differences in base pay among positions / employees in the same job class may be based on eligibility for certain assignments. Differences in benefit levels are typically based on retirement costs, which differ between safety and non-safety jobs and full and part-time employees. The wage information does not include potential overtime earnings over the course of the year. In general, executive, manager, and supervisor level positions are not eligible for premium overtime pay.

Employer Rate

For fiscal year 2017-2018, Brea’s employer rate (contribution for pensions) are as follows:

  • Miscellaneous Employees: 18.778%
  • Safety Employees: 53.227%

According to Brea’s long-standing practice, employees' memorandums of understanding (MOU), which include information on job classifications, benefits, and pay ranges have been available online for many years. For details regarding employee benefit eligibility, please refer to these current labor agreements with employee associations for respective job classifications. Depending on job categories, employees may or may not be eligible for overtime pay. Brea job descriptions / classifications are also posted.

Within the recently down-sized organization not all the positions posted are filled. Some have been left vacant during reorganization.