Business of the Quarter

Program Summary

The City of Brea values and appreciates the positive impact local businesses have on the community and its residents. In recognition of their achievements and leadership, the City has established the Business of the Quarter Recognition Program. This program aims to showcase and highlight exceptional businesses in Brea on a quarterly basis.

Businesses are recognized for one or more of the following attributes:

  • Growth: The business exemplifies positive growth trends in revenue and/or workforce;
  • Innovation: The business demonstrates creativity and imagination in its field;
  • Involvement: The business is active in the community and encourages employees to be engaged;
  • Longevity: The business has a history of establishment in the area and a proven community presence;
  • Recognition: The business has been publicly recognized via media attention for an achievement or award that promotes Brea in a positive fashion; and
  • Stewardship: The business gives back to the community in a tangible way (i.e. monetary, time, item donations, new programs, etc.).

Businesses are nominated and awarded through a collaborative effort between Brea City staff and the Mayor.

Past Recipients:

Fratellino’s Italian Restaurant – Third Quarter 2023

For any inquiries about the program, please contact Community Development Manager Melissa Davis at (714) 990-7769 or by email at