Temporary Sign Limitations

The City of Brea offers several options for the placement of temporary signs on private and public (city right of way) property.

Private Property

A 30-day display permit and a 45-day display permit are available. No more than two of each type of permit may be granted within a one year period and a separation of at least 60 days must occur between permits. Specific standards for these signs are contained within City Code Section 20.28.090. The cost for this permit is $50.

City Right of Way

Temporary sign placement upon city owned light poles is available, subject to specific location, design, and installation standards for such signs. One 45-day permit is available per year. Specific standards for these signs can be found within City Code Section 12.04.030.B. The cost for this permit is $100.

Prohibited Temporary Signs

City policy regarding temporary signs prohibits large inflatable (roof-top) type installations, as well as moving or rotating signs such as “sign dancers / spinners.” Additional specifics on prohibited signs may be found within City Code Section 20.28.240.

Application & Contact Information

Apply for a temporary sign permit by completing an application form. Questions may be directed to the Planning Division at 714-990-7674.

Real Estate Signs

The city has regulations, and enforces, where real estate and open house signs can be placed. View the document for details.