Business Time of Use Program

Businesses Transition to Time of Use Rates

Starting January 2014, most businesses on a GS-1, GS-2, PA-1 or PA-2 rate will start transitioning to new Time-Of-Use (TOU) rates. TOU is part of a statewide initiative designed to keep the electric grid reliable and make sure everyone will have power when they need it. Unlike flat rates, TOU rates vary by the time of day the energy is used.

TOU helps keep the grid reliable.

TOU rates more accurately reflect the costs of energy at the time it is used. During On-Peak periods, there is the greatest demand on the grid. When customers shift energy use, if possible, to Off-Peak or Mid-Peak times, it helps reduce strain on the grid.

SCE is keeping customers informed during the transition.

SCE is making sure its customers have the information and tools they need to make this change go as smoothly as possible. Business customers transitioning to TOU in 2014 will receive a personalized rate analysis that explains their TOU rate options.

Get the tools to manage this change.

To minimize the impact these rate changes may have on businesses, SCE has a full suite of services and online tools that can help you with this transition, such as My Account to view your energy usage, or Budget Assistant, where you can set monthly spending goals to help you stay on top of your energy spending.

Get the TOU Fact Sheet.

Here are TOU Frequently Asked Questions.

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