Street Sweeping Voluntary Compliance

Street Sweeping Program

The City of Brea prides itself on being an attractive, well-maintained community.  Safe and clean streets are hallmark of the community. Brea's Street Sweeping program is designed to ensure that the streets are kept safe and clean of debris.

The twice a month frequency is in compliance with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) best practices criteria. Runoff from sprinklers and other outdoor activities result in debris that migrates into the storm drain system. This can pollute the entire downstream watershed, even to the beaches. The city’s street sweeping equipment uses a technology known as a regenerative air system, which is designed to meet stringent South Coast Air Quality Management District dust control measures.

Voluntary Program Compliance

In order to keep the streets clean and prevent debris from reaching our waterways, you are encouraged to move your vehicles from the street on your street sweeping days.  This will allow the Street Sweeper to fully clean all areas of your street and maintain the City's roadways.

Additionally, the  City is obligated to comply with the mandates of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Proper Street sweeping significantly reduces accumulation of trash and debris and prevents it from entering storm drains and the natural watershed. This practice is well-established throughout the nation.

For questions about street sweeping days, call 714-990-7691. You may access local maps online.


Expect to see the street sweeper at work Monday through Thursday, even on rainy days. Because rain tends to wash off extra debris, sweeping efforts continue to collect trash on schedule and keep it from washing into the storm drain system.