Detective Bureau
The detective bureau is divided into two distinct units. One group handles crimes against persons and the other group investigates crimes involving property.

Crimes Persons

The Crimes Persons Unit is responsible for investigating homicide, assault, robbery, elder abuse, domestic violence, stalking, rape, sexual assault, child abuse (physical & sexual), criminal threats, arson, and missing persons.

For questions please email Detective Sergeant Jason Celmer Detective Nathan Darnell, Detective Alfred Rodriguez, or Detective Ryan Trent.

Crimes Property

The Crimes Property Unit is responsible for investigating burglary, theft, financial crimes, and narcotics. An investigator in this unit also monitors sex registrants under Megan’s Law.

For questions, please email Detective William Montalvo, Detective Zuleyma Murphy, Detective Jesse Garduna, or Investigator Aja Tokugawa.

Regional Enforcement Task Forces

The Brea Police Department has detectives assigned to countywide task forces for specialized investigations of narcotics trafficking and auto theft.

Crime Analysis

One crime analyst is assigned to complete systematic, analytical processes directed at providing timely and pertinent information relative to crime patterns and trend correlations. The objective of crime analysis is to assist operational and administrative personnel with planning the deployment of resources, preventing, and suppressing criminal activity, aiding the investigative process to increase the apprehension of criminals, and assisting in clearing cases. For crime statistics, please submit the Crime Statistic Request Form. You may also view our current crime statistics online.

Crime Scene Investigation

The Crime Scene Investigator responds to crime scenes in order to collect and preserve evidence. These items may include DNA, latent prints, and blood evidence. The Brea Police Department has an advanced lab used to process evidence. CSI works closely with detectives, field officers, and evidence personnel, and often testifies in criminal court cases.


The primary work completed by the Records Unit is document processing, but their over all mission also includes significant public contact, phone requests, citation processing, and crime and data reporting. Processing timely reports, while also ensuring accuracy, is a core function of the Records Unit, and vital to the mission of the Brea Police Department

Property and Evidence

Most of the items booked by this unit are actual evidence from criminal investigations while other items include found property, items held for safekeeping, and items submitted for destruction. Much of the property held is stored at our facility for years, and some items are required to be held forever. The property and evidence technicians spend a significant amount of time responding to requests from the District Attorney’s office and must ensure a proper chain of custody for every item booked into and out of the Brea Police Department.

For questions or further information on the Investigations Division, please call us at 714-990-7611.