General Plan

Moving Forward

The City continues to move forward in the implementation of the overarching goals and policies of the General Plan* which was initially adopted in 2003 to reflect the current span of time. Some of the key 2019 achievements include:

  • In 2019, the City issued 13 building permits for a total of 715 new residential units added to the City’s housing stock. The majority of this residential permit activity is from Brea Place and Trumark Residential. A total of 9 permits were issued for Accessory Dwelling Units, one single family home and 705 for multi-family residential units including 20 affordable units.
  • After years of design, planning and securing of funding, in 2019 the State Route 57 Freeway & Lambert Road Interchange Project entered the construction phase. This project is estimated to cost 100 million dollars and will provide much needed traffic congestion relief by reconfiguring traffic flow at Lambert Road.
  • The City completed the Active Transportation Plan (ATP) to further support the Brea Core Plan. The ATP further implements Brea Envisions initiatives in the central area of the City. The plan provides a tool kit to facilitate pedestrian and bicycle connections on Berry Street, Brea Boulevard, Birch Street, Lambert Road and State College Boulevard. The ATP advances several goals of the General Plan and Brea Envisions with respect to healthy, active and pedestrian friendly community and transportation.

Additional References:

2003 General Plan FEIR

The Brea Project completed in 1989. This major community engagement effort helped guide Brea’s future for decades to come.

*This is a large document at 209 pages and will take longer to load in on your computer screen.

Annual Report

The General Plan Annual Progress Report is a document that provides a yearly report of the progress that has been made implementing the various elements of its General Plan. The report covers the period from January through December of each calendar year. A number of important project and programs were carried out during the year to continue to make Brea an attractive and desirable City in which to live, work, and play. 

To access the draft report, please click the following links:

Housing Element 

The Housing Element within our General Plan is the city’s chief policy document on housing issues. A Housing Element provides policies and programs that address issues such as balance between employment and housing, preserves existing housing stock, increases affordability for all segments of our community, and provides opportunity sites for new housing as our population grows.

6th Cycle Housing Element (2021-2029)

For the details on the update process, please visit Shapebrea website by clicking here.

6th Cycle Housing Element Implementation

5th Cycle Housing Element (2014-2021)