Building & Safety Division

Projects submitted on or after January 1st, 2023 must comply with the 2022 California Codes (Title 24)

2022 California Administrative Code 2022 California Building Code
2022 California Residential Code2022 California Electrical Code
2022 California Mechanical Code2022 California Plumbing Code
2022 California Energy Code2022 California Fire Code
2022 California Green Building Standards Code2022 California Historical Building Code
2022 California Existing Building CodeCity of Brea Municipal Code & Ordinances

Applying for Permits

To apply for a building permit, submit for plan check, or apply for a Certificate of Occupancy please email your application and all necessary documents to Once received, City staff will reach out to you with further information. If you have any questions or need additional information please call 714-671-4406.

Building Permit Application

Certificate of Occupancy Application

Apply for a Parking Permit

The Building & Safety Division is committed to protecting the lives and safety of the residents and visitors of Brea, preserving the City’s quality of life, and contributing to the City’s economic development.

This is accomplished through the implementation of the building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and energy codes, as well as code enforcement regulation of local and state laws for all buildings in the City of Brea.

The Division provides plan review and field inspections of buildings to ensure a safe, accessible, and energy-efficient environment throughout our community. The Division regulates local and state laws related to building construction, maintenance, use, repair, and rehabilitation.

The Division also manages the City’s permit system which coordinates and streamlines the construction permit process. Applications for construction projects are submitted to the Building & Safety Division where the review process is coordinated among several departments. This provides the customer with a comprehensive single point of contact throughout the entire review and permit process.